What if I Slip and Fall While on Vacation out of State?

What if I Slip and Fall While on Vacation out of State?

Whether you enjoy vacationing in the Rocky Mountains, on the beaches of California, or touring museums on the east coast, vacations are an important part of many people’s lives. However, not only does vacationing come with risk but it can actually be a time of increased risk and injury. The reason behind this dichotomy is that, when vacationing, many folks let their guards down as they are too busy enjoying their time away from work to pay attention to hazards that they might otherwise recognize. Additionally, since the vast majority of vacationers are in unfamiliar territory, they can be simply unaware of risks posed in certain areas.

As we are now in the throes of summer and vacations, it seemed timely to answer the question, “What if I slip and fall while on vacation out of state?” And, fortunately, there are several things you can (and should) do to protect your rights:

  • First, and as is often the case when dealing with an injury, get appropriate medical attention;
  • Document, document, document. While this is always a good thing to do when you are involved in an accident, it is even more important when traveling because, once you return home, it can be much more difficult to obtain information than if you are injured in your own town. Such documentation includes:

1. Witness details – if possible, try to get more information than name and phone number. Often, witnesses are also vacationing and they too will be returning to their own homes so obtain as much information from them as they are willing to provide to make it easier to locate them when needed.

2. Know where you are! At first blush, this seems obvious as you might think, “I was in Tampa, Florida”! While that may be so, find out what neighborhood or subdivision you are in to help ensure your slip and fall accident lawyer can readily locate where you were injured. Even jotting down prominent landmarks can help.

3. Be sure you know what hospital or clinic you visit. This can be quite easy as the information will likely be printed on any paperwork you are provided.

  • Contact your primary care physician to make them aware of your injury. In addition to getting information on what you should do upon returning home, this will also serve to establish a paper trail.
  • Upon returning home, contact a personal injury lawyer with experience in slip and fall cases. He or she may be willing and able to help with your out-of-state slip and fall or perhaps provide a referral to an attorney in the state in which you were injured.

This all said, I wish you all safe and happy travels. If, however, you find yourself injured, please contact a qualified personal injury attorney as soon as is possible following any injury.

Thanks to our friend and blog author, Christopher A. Johnston of Johnston Martineau, PLLP, for his insight into personal injury practice.

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