What to expect when you decide to pursue a wrongful death claim

What to expect when you decide to pursue a wrongful death claim

Wrongful Death Attorney

A law firm will represent families who have lost a loved one because of someone else’s error. Their number one priority is to help the grieving families through this difficult time. Law firms believe that every family deserves fair and appropriate financial compensation and their attorneys will diligently pursue what is deemed as fair.


Law firms truly care about their clients. They show it by making our services affordable and reasonable. The first step in pursuing wrongful death is attorney consultation. During this initial visit, we will review your case, tactfully ask questions, answer any questions you may have and ultimately determine the next step. A lawyer feels that it is particularly important to keep you informed throughout every step of this difficult process, starting with the consultation.

Representation on a contingency fee basis

As your attorney continues to pursue the claim, a lawyer team believes in the right for anyone to be able to afford proper representation in wrongful death cases. Especially, a family that has experienced such tragedy, and often the deceased was a financial contributor to the family. A lawyer is empathetic to the emotional toll and a legal team understands that finances can be sparse. For this reason, most attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they will not take a penny unless the claim is granted.

Shared information

Lawyers strive for open lines of communication and clearly explaining every step of the legal process. After all, a legal team understands that legal terms can be confusing and that confusion may unnecessarily increase the emotional toll of the situation. They make sure clients feel informed and confident in the work we are doing on their behalf.


In civil cases such as wrongful death, the negotiations between attorneys and insurance companies can be difficult, to say the least. A lawyer knows how to handle these negotiations in a way that protects the needs of the family.

Honoring the deceased

Your wrongful death attorney Bristol, TN offers will not forget the reason you are working together. In fact, they hold themselves to a higher standard because they are representing families affected by a tragedy. It is their mission to honestly and ethically pursue compensation that honors the deceased and the family left behind.

Wrongful death cases are weighed down by sadness and loss. A law firm finds that seeking appropriate financial compensation can at least alleviate the burden of funeral and burial costs, medical bills, lost wages and other monetary burdens that may be exacerbated by the loss of your family member. A legal team wants to help you find a way to support the family despite the loss of your loved one. In contacting a team of qualified and experienced attorneys, you are actually taking the first step to healing and moving on even with the loss in your life.

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