How Serious Are Motorcycle Accidents In Florida?

How Serious Are Motorcycle Accidents In Florida? - motorcycle riders on tree lined road front

How Serious Are Motorcycle Accidents In Florida?

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Life behind the two wheels of a motorcycle can be both exhilarating and frightening. Riders realize that no matter how many precautions they take, the risk is quite high. This is especially true for Florida motorcyclists. Statistics reveal that Florida has the highest number of motorcycle accidents nationwide. These accidents often lead to serious injuries or fatalities every year. As a motorcycle accident lawyer from Jeff Murphy Law can explain, lane splitting, speeding, intoxication, poor weather conditions, bad road construction, and failing to pay attention are common causes of most Florida motorcycle accidents. 

Florida Motorcycle Accidents Can Be Deadly

Motorcyclists in Florida are often victims of negligent auto drivers. The likelihood of collisions increases because motorcycles can sometimes be difficult to see in traffic.

As a result, riders remain at risk of sustaining serious injuries, including abrasions, broken bones, and lacerations. However, high-impact collisions can be life-threatening, leading to traumatic consequences, including head injuries, amputations, paralysis, or death. 

For those injured, the road to recovery can be difficult. You can face life-changing consequences and obtaining fair compensation may be the only way to help get your life back to normal. Thus, hiring an experienced auto accident lawyer in Florida may be necessary.  And remember, personal injury attorneys only get paid if and when you make a recovery. If you lose, you owe your attorney nothing.

Protect Yourself to Reduce the Risk

On average, motorcyclists are 5 times more likely to be injured on the road due to an accident. They are also 20 times more at risk of death than car accident victims. While motorcycle accidents are commonplace in Florida, they shouldn’t stop you from riding your bike. If you exercise caution and practice safe riding techniques,  you can substantially reduce your chances of injuries. 

  • Maintain safe and legal speed 
  • Pay attention to oncoming vehicles 
  • Stay observant at blind curves
  • Wear appropriate gear, including helmets, covered clothing, nonskid footwear, etc.
  • Make sure your bike is resistant enough not to break down in an accident.

Involved In A Motorcycle Accident? An experienced lawyer is your advocate.

Sometimes liability issue are resolved right at the accident site between the drivers. However, others might result in scenarios where no one is ready to take responsibility, despite substantial injuries or property damage. In such circumstances, you might require legal counsel to fight for your rights. 

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, partner with a reputable local lawyer assistance on your case that will promise to work to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact lawyers in your area to schedule an initial consultation to learn how they can help with your case.

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