Personal Injury Lawyer Baltimore MD – What is PIP?

Personal Injury Lawyer Baltimore MD – What is PIP?

Selecting a Personal Injury Lawyer Baltimore MD Automobile Drivers Can Trust

We take pride in our ability to help people find a personal injury lawyer Baltimore MD auto drivers can trust when they’ve been injured by another person’s negligence. If you are involved in an accident, don’t you want high level representation – someone who can fully explain the ins and outs of your situation especially as it relates to accessing insurance benefits? Note too that a qualified Baltimore car accident lawyer in our network can also help you make better informed decisions when choosing your own auto insurance coverage.

What is PIP?

PIP stands for Personal Insurance Protection. Unless you sign a waiver when you purchase your auto insurance, PIP is mandatory in the state of Maryland. A personal injury lawyer Baltimore MD drivers consult with on these matters should be able to advise you as to whether or not you should have PIP coverage as part of your auto policy and can also help you file a timely and proper PIP claim should you become injured in an auto accident.

PIP payments are not automatically issued by insurance companies; supporting documents must be forwarded and oftentimes an application must also be submitted. Contact us for a recommendation to a personal injury lawyer Baltimore MD who is knowledgeable about assisting with PIP claims and can help you navigate the complexities of the insurance world.

Restrictions On PIP Coverage

PIP coverage has a cap, or maximum, on the amount of money an auto insurance company will be responsible for, and it is frequently much less than the actual costs and losses incurred as a result of an accident. Before determining how much PIP coverage you should obtain, consult a personal injury lawyer Baltimore MD area drivers turn to for answers. We can help you find that attorney so you can make well informed decisions.

Keep in Mind

Something to remember is that even if you may have caused the accident you can still access your PIP benefits. A Baltimore, MD personal injury attorney is most helpful however, in those incidents when you did not cause the accident. In those scenarios, even if the at fault driver violated the law by not carrying insurance, a skilled attorney can cull through all potential coverage to identify any and all policies which may be able to contribute to help compensate for your losses. So much of an individual’s life is affected by an accident– from health to work to family life. Medical bills can be staggering and injuries debilitating, you car may be totalled or so seriously damaged that repair will take weeks, and you may be unable to work or fulfill your household and/or parental responsibilities. Not to mention that your quality of life can be seriously curtailed. A personal injury attorney experienced in auto accident claims can help you address these problems and seek to obtain for you maximum compensation. And, should you consult an attorney prior to an accident, he/she can provide advice to you as to what types (and amounts) of insurance coverage would be helpful, should you find yourself the victim of a car accident.

Call A Personal Injury Lawyer Baltimore MD Trusts

Deciding on coverages within your auto policy may be a daunting task, but there’s help available. Give us a call and we can assist you in finding a personal injury lawyer Baltimore MD drivers have reliably consulted in the past to help you decide on the best auto policy for you, as well as shepherd you through the claims process (and, if necessary, the litigation process) should you find yourself a victim of a car accident.

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