Personal Injury Lawyer Baltimore MD – Should I Report a Minor Claim?

Personal Injury Lawyer Baltimore MD – Should I Report a Minor Claim?

Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer Baltimore MD Drivers Consult

As a driver in the state of Maryland, you may have questions best answered by a personal injury lawyer Baltimore MD drivers regularly consult with for good, worthwhile advice. The question is how to find experienced and trustworthy attorneys. That’s where we can help because that’s exactly what we do: identify and put you in contact with a lawyer who can address your questions and concerns.

Should I Report a Minor Claim to the Insurance Company?

A Baltimore car accident lawyer with many years of experience can help you determine whether or not you should consider reporting a minor claim to your insurance company. If no one files an accident claim then your insurance company will not know that an accident occurred. Without this type of “paper trail” or indication that the event occurred, filing a claim later on will be very difficult, if not impossible. This is because it may be challenging to prove that the accident happened at all and even more difficult to connect injuries and damages that resulted from the occurrence. Some factors that an experienced Baltimore, MD personal injury lawyer may take into consideration before advising you on whether you should file a minor claim include:

  1. Is there a chance that you have suffered physical injuries that you are not aware of?
  2. Is there a possibility that the accident, however minor it may seem to others, can or will cause you mental or emotional distress or other damages, like missed time from work or the need to purchase medication or first aid supplies?
  3. Are the costs from the damages as a result of the accident sufficient enough to offset the higher rates that the insurance may charge you because your record is now tarnished by that accident? This can be a Catch-22 situation. An experienced personal injury lawyer Baltimore MD accident victims have hired in the past can offer insight as to what might be your best solution.

To File or Not to File a Minor Claim

When considering whether or not to file a minor claim, what may help you to decide is a personal injury lawyer Baltimore MD drivers have retained in order to make a similar decision. Though no two accidents are exactly alike, there is likely enough in common that once you speak with an experienced attorney, you can make a very informed decision.

We can recommend a Baltimore personal injury lawyer who is familiar with all aspects of automobile collisions as well as with how insurance companies will assess your matter. Remember, what is important is that you speak with a skilled lawyer. Not every personal injury lawyer Baltimore MD is as experienced or knowledgeable as the next. We can help you direct you to the right one.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer Baltimore MD Can Trust

It is important that if you are unsure whether or not to file a minor claim with the insurance company after an accident that you consult with an attorney as soon as possible before too much time has passed. Email us to request a free case evaluation so that we can put you immediately in touch with a personal injury lawyer Baltimore MD accident victims have consulted with under similar circumstances as yours.

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