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Defective Brakes: Who’s Really at Fault?

If you’re looking for a top truck accident lawyer Towson MD can provide, you might be having trouble proving liability or negligence in order to collect injury compensation. At our firm, we know that liability issues can be very complicated in accidents that involve large commercial trucks. Sometimes an accident occurs because of a fault on the truck driver’s part, but sometimes an accident occurs because of a malfunctioning piece of equipment.

When a truck accident occurs because a faulty piece of equipment, it still may be possible for injured victims to collect financial compensation. The truck driver might be held liable or partially liable in certain cases, as a truck accident lawyer Towson MD can offer might explain. However, even when the driver isn’t technically liable in an accident caused by equipment failure, it still might be possible to collect compensation from another liable party.

Faulty brakes are one possible cause of a serious truck collision, as any experienced truck accident lawyer Towson MD might attest. If faulty brakes are the cause of an accident, there are a few parties other than the truck driver who might be responsible. Here’s a quick breakdown of how this injury claim might be addressed:

The Driver

The truck driver might be held responsible if he/she failed to operate the vehicle correctly, thereby relying on the brakes of the trailer more than would be reasonable. A driver might also be held responsible if he/she notices that a piece of equipment needs repair, but fails to notify the trucking company or vehicle inspection service of the problem.

The Truck Company

It’s also possible for the trucking company to be held liable for faulty brakes in certain cases, especially if the brakes malfunctioned because they fell into disrepair or were not replaced when necessary. In general, as a seasoned Towson MD truck accident lawyer would likely know, the trucking company is expected to abide by all federal regulations for brake settings and is expected to make regular maintenance inspections — and record these inspections — to ensure safety. If a company fails to perform these inspections or fails to document the inspections, it might be held responsible for malfunctioning brakes.

The Shipping/Loading Service

If a truck’s cargo is loaded improperly, this can also lead to brake failure. When a truck is carrying too much weight or when the weight isn’t balanced, it’s possible for weight imbalances to cause problems for the brakes. Truck companies sometimes outsource loading and shipping tasks to another service, and both of these parties might be held liable for a loading problem.

The Brake Manufacturer

Brakes for commercial vehicles must meet certain standards as defined by federal regulations. These regulations include using a certain braking force dependent on the truck’s weight, an ability to stop within a certain time frame (when driven at a certain speed), and general requirements for autobrake systems. If a set of brakes is found to be defective because they were not produced or designed properly, or because the manufacturer failed to ensure that the brakes passed federal regulations, it’s possible for the manufacturer to be held liable.

Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer Towson MD Residents Trust

Determining responsibility isn’t always simple after an accident, as an experienced truck accident lawyer in Towson MD can attest. Our legal team knows that complex accidents can make it difficult to determine liability, and this can make it difficult for the injured victim to obtain financial compensation. If you’re looking for assistance on your claim from a top truck accident lawyer Towson MD can provide, contact our firm today.

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