What Causes Taxi Accidents

What Causes Taxi Accidents

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After a car accident, you may feel frazzled and stressed. It might be hard to figure out what your next steps should be. This is true of any accident, including accidents with a cab. If you were hit by a professional driver and suffered injuries because of it, then you may have grounds for a lawsuit.

Cab accidents may not be as uncommon as you think. Here are some of the factors that cause taxi accidents.

A Driver’s Income

There is a strong correlation between a driver’s income and the number of traffic violations. During a recession, drivers are more likely to be involved in a car accident. There are a couple of different reasons why this may be the case. One, drivers who are making less money may feel stressed about their financial situation. It can distract them. Another reason is that for those who make less, they have to overwork themselves to make more. This can lead to problems on the road.

A Driver’s Focus

Anyone who provides transportation to the public has strict rules regarding communication while within the vehicle. A driver is not allowed to text or communicate on a phone while behind the wheel. Despite the rules, it does not change that a driver’s focus can make all of the difference. Drivers who are distracted with their phones, GPS or other devices are more likely to cause an accident. Drivers who text are 20 times more likely to be involved in a wreck than other drivers.

A Driver’s Experience

Did you know that new drivers are over five times more likely to be involved in an accident? Experience can matter on the road, especially when you are transporting people to and from all day long. For drivers who are full-time workers and have worked for several years, they have a cleaner driving record. They are less likely to cause traffic violations. Drivers who have several years of experience are also less likely to have as many complaints stacked against them.

Part-time and inexperienced drivers tend to face allegations of overcharging and ride refusals. Novice drivers tend to have more accusations of being rude to customers.

If you were injured in an accident with a taxi, then it’s time to set up a consultation with a car accident lawyer, like from Davis & Brusca. Treat taxi accidents the same as you would a passenger accident. You still need to gather evidence, file a claim and negotiate a settlement.

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