Baltimore Automobile Accident Lawyer

Baltimore Automobile Accident Lawyer

Two Car Accidents When You’re Likely Never at Fault

Any Baltimore Automobile accident lawyer may tell you that there are two specific car accidents in which you’re very likely not at fault for causing the accident. Of course, there are exceptions to this statement, but you may be able to rely on the below information most of the time. If you have any questions about fault regarding your accident, contact a Baltimore Automobile accident lawyer at 443-701-3701 today.

Rear-End Collisions

You may already know that if you are hit from behind, it’s usually always the other person’s fault no matter the reason that you stopped. This is because you have a right to be able to stop safely if traffic stops. Not being able to stop safely points to the driver behind you not driving safely.

When you have a rear-end accident, the damage can prove how the accident happened. Meaning that it’s clear that the driver behind you caused the accident by running into your car, and the front of their car and the back of yours will prove that.

However, your Baltimore Automobile accident lawyer may warn you that there are some situations in which you may be partly at fault for the accident and have your compensation reduced accordingly. This is called comparative negligence. An example of this is when you’re driving at night and you have a tail or brake light out. Not having the required light can reduce the other driver’s ability to know you’re stopping, or that you’re in front of them in cases of low visibility or dark streets.

If you have any questions about how you may have contributed to your rear-end collision, call an Automobile accident lawyer in Baltimore today.

Left-Turn Accidents

Your Baltimore Automobile accident lawyer may be able to tell you that a car making a left turn may be held liable for a collision with another car who is driving straight in the other direction. This is true in almost all cases. There are rare exceptions, but they may be difficult to prove.

These exceptions may be:

  • The car driving straight was speeding.
  • The car driving straight ran a red light.
  • The car turning left starting turning when it was safe to do so, but something made it stop or slow down.
  • Fortunately, the position of the cars usually tells what caused the accident and who is at fault.

    These two collisions are considered to be “no-doubt” liability in most cases. This means that it’s accepted as a general rule that one person is at fault for causing the accident in most cases. If you find yourself in one of these accidents, you may still need legal representation to get fair compensation.

    When you’re ready to move forward with your case, please know that we are on your side. We are here to help you with your questions as you decide what to do. If you’re ready to begin with a free consultation with a Baltimore Automobile accident lawyer, give us a call today at 443-701-3701.

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