Having The Tough Conversations With Aging Parents

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Having The Tough Conversations With Aging Parents

Having The Tough Conversations With Aging Parents

No matter what the situation may be, you will likely need to have a conversation with your parents that will be challenging regarding their caregiving needs. Topics such as finances, estate planning, safety, and even legal issues may arise. In order to remain respectful around these sensitive topics, it is important to address them in the right manner to be sure that your aging parents understand the seriousness of the situation.

To handle this difficult situation in the best way, follow the below tips to discuss these topics with your parents from an estate planning lawyer with our friends at McCarthy Law, LLC.

  1. Discuss Before it’s too Late and Frequently

These conversations can be a lot easier when they are not urgent. Having conversations about care plans earlier in life can help to be sure everyone is prepared when the time comes, and you can know what to expect.

  1. Try to Predict how they May Respond

Predicting how your parents may respond to this conversation will allow you to have what you need prepared to ensure they are satisfied. Try to predict what types of questions they may ask or if they will get agitated or upset. If this is the case, you can be sure that you know how to handle the situation based on their personality.

  1. Approach lovingly

Having this conversation will be difficult for everyone. It is important that your parents know that you are coming from a place of love and care. Ensure that your parents know that you are on their side and looking out for them. If they feel that you are part of their team, they are more likely going to cooperate and better aid in their own health.

  1. Make Sure the Necessary People are Included

Before initiating this conversation, be sure that everyone who is necessary is included including siblings or current caregivers. It is crucial that everyone is on the same page and is able to voice what is necessary or what their part would be in the new arrangement. This will only make things easier in the future!

  1. Bring Along Important Materials

Showing up prepared can make the entire process run smoother and feel less daunting. You can find several simple questionnaires online that you can print out to help guide the conversation carefully. Additionally, bring something to record your parent’s answers such as pens and paper; you can also share these materials with them too so they can work on jotting down their thoughts as well.

Overall, this process may seem a little nerve wracking, but by being prepared and approaching the topic lovingly with your entire family on hand you and your parents can be prepared just in case the worst may happen. It is better to work through tough topics like these while everyone is healthy versus trying to scramble and figure them out when someone falls ill or passes away without leaving clear instructions.

For legal help with your parent’s estate, contact a lawyer near you for guidance.


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