Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Steps to Take After a Car Accident

In the aftermath of a car accident, you may be overwhelmed and unsure which steps to take first. This is understandable. First, take a deep breath and call for emergency medical assistance if anyone involved in the accident has suffered obvious injuries. Everything else can wait while medical personnel are being alerted to the situation. If no one has sustained obvious injuries, it is still important to get “checked out” by a doctor, but you may be able to accomplish some of the following tasks before heading to a hospital or urgent care center – just to be safe. 

Exchange Information

Whenever you have been involved in a car accident you should exchange names, contact information and insurance information with the other drivers involved and any witnesses to the wreck. As an experienced car accident lawyer – including those who practice at The Morales Law Firm – can confirm, it can be tough to build a legal case and/or to pursue a properly valued insurance settlement later on if you can’t identify who else was involved in the accident. 

Contact the Police

If the incident caused significant damage to one of the cars or resulted in any injuries, calling the police can be a wise decision. This is especially true if the other driver refuses to share their information with you. When unsure whether to involve the police, err on the side of caution and call them. Having access to a police report can be very helpful in dealing with your insurance company and/or filing a personal injury claim.

Take Photos

Document the damage to all of the cars involved by taking photos. Some people try to scam other drivers or insurance companies by falsifying vehicle damage, so protect yourself by taking your own photos. It can be beneficial to photograph each vehicle from multiple angles and the actual scene of the incident with the position of the cars after the accident, when possible. You can take video as well. 

Inform Your Insurance Company

Accidents that cause damage to one or more vehicles should be reported to your car insurance company. This will enable all insurance companies involved to work together to determine how funds for fixing the vehicles should be distributed. Provide all of the information you can to the insurance company. This includes the other driver’s name, address and insurance information. Further, provide your insurance company with any photos you have taken of the scene of the accident and damage to the vehicles involved. Insurance companies sometimes require that you take your car to a venue of their choosing to get an estimate for the repairs necessary. Be sure to ask your insurance company if they have any such requirements.


If your accident has resulted in any injuries whatsoever, WAIT to speak with insurance providers until you’ve spoken with an attorney. Doing so will help to ensure that no one dealing with insurance representatives on your behalf says anything that could unintentionally damage the strength of your case. 

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