3 Major Back Problems Caused by Auto Accident

3 Major Back Problems Caused by Auto Accident

Approximately 2.5 million people are injured in car accidents annually in the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Back injuries are common results of car accidents, even in collisions that occur at a lower rate of speed. There are three types of back problems commonly associated with car accidents. These are:

  • disc injuries
  • spinal cord injuries
  • compression fractures
Disc Injuries

Disc injuries are one of the most common types of back injuries associated with a car accident. Disc injuries are also known as herniated discs, as well as slipped or ruptured discs.

A car accident can rupture discs in such a manner that they are rendered incapable of cushioning a person’s bones in the spinal column. This is not only a medically significant problem, but can also be very painful.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries represent another of the major back problems or injuries associated with a car accident. A spinal column injury can tear, break, or otherwise damage the vital link between a person’s brain and other parts of his or her body.

A damaged spinal cord can result in severe issues and can cause permanent damage. Indeed, a spinal cord injury can result in permanent paralysis of a section of an injured person’s body.

Compression Fractures

Compression fractures represent yet another back-related problem or injury associated with a car accident. A compression fracture is a crack in the bones of a person’s spine. Over time, these cracks can cause vertebrae to collapse and deform, causing permanent disability.

Compression fractures can also be very painful injuries. These types of fractures may also cause a person to have difficulties breathing.

Compensation for Car Accident Back Problems

The three major back-related problems or injuries caused by a car accident can cause long term issues for an accident victim. A person injured in a car accident because of someone else’s negligence must take steps to protect his or her rights and interests.

Losses typically associated with these types of injuries include medical bills. In addition, a person is likely to experience persistent pain and suffering, and lost time from work, perhaps for a considerable period, resulting in lost wages. Injuries like these, in the aftermath of a car accident, can also cause emotional distress. Finally, back injuries can cause a permanent disability.

In addition to compensation for current losses and injuries, a person with back problems and injuries arising from a car accident will also need monetary recovery for future issues and losses likely to be incurred.

Retain a Personal Injury Lawyer  residents trust

Retaining a personal injury attorney may be a wise course of action for a person to take when dealing with back injuries arising from a car accident. As a general rule, a personal injury attorney schedules an initial consultation with a prospective client at no cost. Most personal injury attorneys utilize what is known as a contingency fee agreement. Through such an agreement, a client pays no fee for legal services unless and until the attorney obtains a settlement of judgment favorable to a client.

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