Brain Damage Birth Injury

Brain Damage Birth Injury

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Babies can suffer many injuries at birth. Even with today’s scientific developments, there is not always something a doctor can do to avoid injury. However, with technology and the constantly developing medical field, doctors are more likely than not able to determine the safest way to deliver a baby. Unfortunately, many babies suffer from brain damage during the birthing process and if this has happened to your baby, you may be wondering if there was anything your doctor could have done to prevent it.  If you are looking for answers and looking for a way to be compensated for your child’s injuries, lawyers can help. 

How do brain injuries happen at birth?

Brain injuries are some of the most common types of birth injuries because they can happen in two ways:

  1. The baby did not get enough oxygen during the birthing process (known as perinatal asphyxia) that resulted in brain damage, or
  2. The baby experienced physical trauma during the birthing process that led to hemorrhaging in the brain. When a newborn is bleeding into its brain, it happens because blood vessels ruptured inside the skull. 

Different Types of Brain Hemorrhaging That Happen During Birth

There are a few types of brain hemorrhaging that you may wish to know about if you suspect your newborn suffered from this during birth. 

  • Subarachnoid Hemorrhages. The most common type of brain hemorrhage that occurs in a full-term baby. This can lead the baby to have seizures during their first few days outside the womb. 
  • Subdural Hemorrhages. This type of hemorrhage is not as common but it can lead the newborn to have high levels of bilirubin in their blood or seizures. 
  • Intraparenchymal Hemorrhages. This type bleeds into the brain and is more common in premature babies that do not have fully-developed brains. This is not usually the sign that a birth injury has occurred. 

Showing That There Was Medical Negligence

When you want to prove that your baby’s brain birth injury was the result of the doctor’s medical negligence, there are a few things that you must establish with your attorney. 

  1. There is a certain medical standard of care that is to be expected during this particular situation. For example, if there were any red flags or dangerous situations, medical professionals who have a similar educational background, experience, and in the same circumstance would have performed the same way. 
  2. Your doctor did not live up to that medical standard and acted differently than another doctor would have. 
  3. Your doctor’s decision was negligent and directly caused your baby’s brain injury during birth. 

To prove that your baby’s brain injury was caused by your doctor’s negligence, you will need to discuss the details of the case with you. While it can be hard to relive these details, it is important when it comes to getting justice. Please don’t hesitate in contacting a birth injury lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT any longer. 



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