Can I File a Claim if I Slip and Fall at School?

Can I File a Claim if I Slip and Fall at School?

Something that has been a more common over the last several years is school aged children and teenagers having issues when it comes to slip and falls. Slip and fall accidents occur for many reasons, some including that high schools are built quicker, there may be negligence with the school janitor, etc. Whatever the case may be, this has become a very prominent thing and many individuals wonder if, as a high school, middle school or even elementary school student, they have the right to file a lawsuit if they slip and fall because they are underage. The answer to this question is absolutely you have right to file a claim. If it is a private school then the statute of limitations would be different than if it was a public school. However, with governmental entities, by law here in California you only have a six-month window time to file a claim in order to preserve your right to pursue a lawsuit against the school you slipped and fell at.
As far as a being a minor here in California, you cannot sign a contract you or submit a claim by yourself. In this situations, something called a guardian ad litem comes into play. This is a guardian that is appointed to represent the minor and acts on their behalf. It is typically the minor’s mom or dad. There have been cases where students have come down the stairs and slipped because of a soda spill that was never cleaned, or slipped and fell down in the bathroom because a toilet has flooded. In these cases, many students have sustained severe injuries like knee injuries where they unfortunately at a young age required knee surgeries. There have also been situations where, for example, the school will do some construction and leave materials lying around. These kids then trip and fall over the materials, injuring themselves. So there are tons of situations and things like the situations listed above that can occur but the most important thing is yes as a minor you can go ahead and file for a lawsuit and get the justice you deserve.

Contact an Attorney

Do not wait to speak with a personal injury attorney to go over the details of the accident. We have been serving the public and have seen numerous cases of student slip and falls. The longer you wait to find legal assistance, the less amount of compensation you may be able to receive. Time is of the essence when it comes to legalities, so please do not hesitate to contact us today. We believe no one should suffer at the consequence of another party and his or her negligence. Do not hesitate to contact an experienced slip and fall attorneys  trusts to ensure that you are making the best claim possible.

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