Questions About Motorcycle Safety

Questions About Motorcycle Safety

At one point or another, a motorcyclist may come very close to being part of a truly horrible accident. Unfortunately, not all car drivers keep a watchful eye out for those who might be on two wheels, instead of operating four. When a motorcyclist gets out onto the road, they are already at a safety disadvantage. Riders have no barrier between themselves and a car exterior to help deflect the blow of impact. Those who have suffered financial loss as a result of a motorcycle accident, may want to meet with an auto accident lawyer Lakeland, FL trusts about how to seek repayment for these expenses.

In the article here, we have provided information about motorcycle safety through a question and answer format.

Should I take a motorcycle safety course?

Even the most experienced riders may be able to benefit from taking a safety course every once in a while. By practicing safety and defensive strategies, it can help lessen the chances of a rider being part of a tragic accident. Sadly, even if a motorcyclist does his or her best to avoid a collision, a reckless car driver may be the one who causes a horrible accident to unfold.

What safety gear should I wear while riding?

The more safety gear you have one, the better. Wearing the correct apparel can truly make the difference between surviving an accident, and succumbing to critical injuries. Of course, a helmet is the number one safety gear item that riders should keep snugly buckled at all ties. Other types of gear you may want to consider using include:

  • Gloves to grip the handlebars
  • Boots with steel reinforced toes
  • Pants made of a tear-resistant fabric
  • Long sleeves with bright colors or reflectors

What is the most common way a motorcyclist can get hit by a car?

One of the most frequent ways that a motorcyclist can get struck by a vehicle, is when the car driver turns left in front of the rider. This is usually due to the car driver not seeing the motorcyclist at all, or not judging speed correctly. A motorcyclist can help prevent this from happening to them by watching out for cars that are at an intersection waiting to turn. Never assume the car driver sees you. Slow down and be prepared to brake or move out of the way if the car continues to go through the intersection without noticing you are approaching.

What is the difference between car brakes and motorcycle brakes?

Stopping while on a motorcycle can be significantly more complex than stopping a car. Motorcyclists must use separate brakes, as the front and back each have a set system. Braking too hard can lock the wheels and lead to the motorcycle overturning. But then, braking too lightly can cause a rider to plow right into the path of an oncoming vehicle. A rider can practice using the brakes on a motorcycle in an empty parking lot or other area that is clear of traffic, parked cars or pedestrians.



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