What to Do if Your Employer Threatens Your Job After Filing for Workers’ Compensation

What to Do if Your Employer Threatens Your Job After Filing for Workers’ Compensation

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Workers’ compensation is a program aimed at helping employees who are injured on the job receive financial assistance during the recovery period from the accident. While employers are not allowed to directly fire you as a result of filing a workers’ compensation claim, you may have suspicions. If you feel like your job is in jeopardy simply because you filed this type of claim, there are things you can do to fight this injustice. Document all correspondence from your employer, keep detailed notes of the accident, and hire a workers’ compensation lawyer to fight your case for you.

Document All Correspondence From Your Employer

While most employers will not say that you are fired because you filed a workers’ compensation claim, some may give hints that point to that being the reason why your job was terminated. In this situation, it is important to keep any type of correspondence that you have from your employer regarding this matter. This can include emails or text messages and can be used to prove that an employer was creating a hostile work environment for you due to your accident.

Keep Detailed Notes of the Accident

During any workers’ compensation case, it is important to keep meticulous records of what happened during the incident. You should also keep medical records that outline the exact type of injury that was sustained. This can help your case if your employer tries to say that the accident was not work related.

Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Workers’ compensation lawyers specialize in helping people fight injustices such as being fired over filing a rightful claim. He or she can be your advocate and help you receive the compensation and restitution that you deserve. Your attorney can help you fight against a hostile work environment that might arise after your accident.

Being involved in an accident at work can be a stressful event, and it becomes even more stressful when your employer tries to fire you over you exercising your right to file a workers’ compensation claim. If you feel that you have been treated unfairly by your employer in regards to a claim that you made, contact a workers’ compensation lawyer, like a workers’ compensation lawyer in Green Bay, WI, today to find out the right steps to take in fighting your case. If your employer was willing to fire you over making a claim, they will likely do the same with other employees. You have the duty to fight against this so that it does not affect other people in the workforce.



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