Different Types Of Personal Injury Cases

Different Types Of Personal Injury Cases

Personal Injuries

If you were injured in an accident that could qualify as personal injury, you may wonder what to do next. There are so many different types of personal injury cases, that chances are your situation would qualify. Every situation is different, and regardless of fault, you deserve some type of compensation. The following will walk you through what to do after being injured.

Consider Insurance Coverage

It’s possible your situation can be completely taken care of through an insurance claim. If this is the case, your injury was probably not very severe, nor did it incur very high medical expenses. An insurance adjuster will look at witness statements, the accident itself, your injuries, your medical bills and your personal life to determine an offer. If you and a lawyer agree the offer is fair, you can accept it and move on with your life. If you think there is more money to be had with your situation, you might try to negotiate, or even file a lawsuit.

Consider an Attorney

Not every case requires an attorney, but not many cases should go without one. An attorney doesn’t just help you when you file a lawsuit. He or she can help to determine whether an offer is fair, as well as teach you how to negotiate the offer. If you have any questions or concerns, you’ll have someone who is totally on your side and has your best interest in mind. Most attorneys work on a contingency fee agreement, so if the case isn’t won, the lawyer doesn’t get paid. This is generally motivation enough to work extra hard.

Consider a Lawsuit

If you and a lawyer do agree it would be in your best interest to file a lawsuit, you’ll begin by filing a complaint with the court. Your lawyer will assist you in writing and filing the complaint so you are sure to get all the details and proper verbiage in there. A personal injury lawyer with extensive experience in this area of law will know which tactics to use and which information will make the best case.

After you have filed your complaint, you will wait for the defendant to respond. It’s possible you can settle your case outside of court if the other party agrees on a settlement, though it’s also possible you’ll end up in court. If you do go to court, the length of arguments depends on the severity of your case and how many witnesses and experts each side has to present.

Gather More Information

To learn more about filing a lawsuit after a personal injury, contact a personal injury lawyer today. Gathering all the information you can will help you most in winning your case.



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