How do I prove my motorcycle accident wasn’t my fault?

How do I prove my motorcycle accident wasn’t my fault?

How do I prove my motorcycle accident wasn’t my fault?

A motorbike accident lawyer relies on knows all too well that establishing liability after an accident is critical. When a biker is injured because another driver acted negligently, it will be necessary to prove that the biker did not cause the accident. Otherwise, they may not be able to collect the compensation they deserve from the person responsible. A successful personal injury claim or lawsuit might be necessary in order to pay for the medical treatment that the motorcyclist needs.  we understand that bikers are often unfairly treated. You may have been automatically blamed for the accident even if it wasn’t your fault. In addition, statistics show that you were probably injured far worse than the passenger vehicle’s driver. 

Establishing Liability

At the heart of any personal injury claim or lawsuit is establishing who was at fault and therefore, who should be held accountable for paying the damages resulting from the accident. We are a motorcycle accident lawyer who is well versed in understanding what is necessary to prepare a solid case on behalf of her clients. She has also established a network of experts and professionals who assist her in preparing the documentation necessary to get justice for injured bikers. If you sustained a serious injury in a motorcycle accident, she can work with a forensic accident investigator who will visit the accident scene and collect all available physical evidence. Evidence may also include eyewitness testimony as well as the police report. Photographs, eye witness testimony, the other motorist’s driving record—all of this and more can be collected to prove that you were not at fault for the accident.

The Settlement Process

With a solid case that clearly establishes the other driver’s responsibility for the accident, your motorcycle accident lawyer can file a claim on your behalf with the liable party’s insurance company. Very likely the insurer will offer a less than reasonable settlement. Unlike most accident victims, we have the experience necessary to negotiate the maximum possible settlement with the insurance company. We’re familiar with the various insurance companies and have a thorough understanding of what a damage claim is worth and proceed accordingly. Occasionally, an insurance company will refuse to offer a fair settlement, and in those scenarios we will proceed with a lawsuit if necessary.

Is Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Necessary?

Anyone can file a personal injury claim but not everyone can file one with the confidence that it is backed with solid documentation, filed correctly and on time and with the correct authority. In addition, a motorcycle accident lawyer from we can negotiate with the liable party’s insurer to maximize the amount of your settlement. If necessary, we will pursue a lawsuit on your behalf if the insurer refuses to offer a fair settlement. Without a legal background, this is difficult for a layperson to do, particularly if they are already dealing with a serious injury. When the insurance companies realize the plaintiff is vulnerable in any way, or without legal representation, they will very often try to take advantage. Speak with an experienced attorney today.

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