TikTok Videos And Personal Injury Lawsuit

TikTok Videos And Personal Injury Lawsuit

TikTok is currently the fastest growing social media platform on the internet, and millions of people worldwide are using it to network, educate and entertain one another. Just like any other online platform, however, the content posted to TikTok is discoverable during legal proceedings.

Video-sharing on TikTok Connects You to the World

The value of social media lies in the ability for anyone from anywhere to establish a platform and connect with an audience. TikTok creators use the online space for self-expression, thought sharing and social assembly.

Some creators share personal stories, reactions and opinions. Others post videos of themselves dancing or performing. The internet never forgets, so the more comfortable you become with sharing your thoughts and ideas online, the more likely you are to say or do something that could potentially impact your court case.

Your Social Media Content Is Legal Evidence

When you file suit to recover damages owed to you because of a personal injury, one of the first sources of refuting evidence will be your own social media. If you claim to be incapacitated as a result of negligence, but the opposing counsel can produce proof of you dancing on TikTok, then you may not have a very good day in court. Aspects of your digital footprint that a civil defendant can use against you include:

  • Photos, videos or text uploads
  • Public comments or interactions with other users
  • Reactions (likes or dislikes)
  • Direct messages

It’s important to remember that anything you post may be used against you. Therefore, it may be in your best interest to refrain from using social media altogether until the conclusion of your case.

Deleting Your Posts Could Make It Worse

Even though you are the plaintiff in your lawsuit, you must follow the rules of evidence set forth by the court. If a judge finds that you have destroyed relevant content by deleting it from your social media, then you can face serious penalties. The court may even consider your offense egregious enough to rule against you or dismiss your case entirely.

Even if you have been clearly wronged, it’s important to know exactly how your own actions can impact your case. Your right to seek damages for your pain and suffering is more important than your TikTok fame. Contact a personal injury attorney like the personal injury lawyers, to learn more about appropriate conduct online and offline during the course of a civil trial.

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