When You Need to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer Baltimore MD

When You Need to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer Baltimore MD

As a personal injury lawyer Baltimore MD residents consistently trust, we often offer guidelines as to how and when a victim of an accident should correspond with an insurance company — both the insured’s own company and that of the at fault driver. Most times an experienced Baltimore, MD car accident lawyer will not want you speaking with the insurance company once you have retained him/her on a matter, but there are instances when speaking to your own company might be acceptable. For example, in expediting the rental car process should your car be undrivable as a result of an accident. Additionally, you may have spoken with an insurance company prior to retaining an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Tips for Talking to Your Insurance Company After An Accident

In the hours following an auto accident, many are often confused, in shock and overwhelmed. Unfortunately, it’s also when you need to be coherent and clear in thought as insurance companies generally record statements when claims are reported. Even if your statement is not recorded, it is written up and if the information you give is affected by your state of mind and is incorrect it will be very difficult to go back and change once you have a clearer head. This is one good reason why you may want to turn to a qualified personal injury lawyer Baltimore MD accident victims trust in these types of situations.

The aftermath of an accident often includes submitting an insurance claim. If there is injury or damage to any of the parties involved in an accident, this reporting becomes even more critical. Here are some guidelines for handling communication with an insurance company following an accident:

  1. One of the very first steps you should take is to retain a Baltimore car accident lawyer with strong reviews from previous clients.
  2. Take some time to write down everything about the accident that you remember. A personal injury lawyer Baltimore MD residents rely on will find this information very helpful. They will likely not advise you to turn this information over to the insurance company, but it can be useful when reporting the claim or when your lawyer is evaluating your case.
  3. Be truthful as to what happened, but also stick to the facts and leave out opinions. Your personal injury lawyer in Baltimore MD may remind you that it’s the job of the investigators to determine who is actually at fault, and their conclusion may surprise you.
  4. Injuries do not always present themselves immediately following trauma. Your body may still be in shock, or your body is compensating for an injury and disguising it until it cannot do it any longer. This is true for physical injuries as well as possible mental and emotional ones such as depression and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. For these reasons, do not report that you are uninjured until you have seen a medical doctor and undergone a thorough examination and have been given the all clear. Consult with a Baltimore personal injury lawyer before sharing your medical information with anyone.

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A car accident can result in painful injuries as well as confusion and stress. Though your insurance company may advertise they are your friend, in truth they are running a business for profit. Paying out claims is a cost of business for them, and they seek to to reduce that cost as much as possible. The less they have to pay you, the higher their profit. Protect yourself by contacting us for a personal injury lawyer Baltimore MD residents turn to, to fight on your behalf.

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