Who Can Assist Your Personal Injury Lawyer With Your Case?

Who Can Assist Your Personal Injury Lawyer With Your Case?

Insurance companies look to pay the least amount of money to accident victims as possible, regardless of the extent of the victim’s injuries. In cases that involve catastrophic injuries, such as paralysis, amputation or brain injuries, the amount of compensation a victim may be entitled to could be substantial. This is because there are many aspects of the victim’s life which may need to be examined and determined how those areas have been impacted by those injuries.

It is common for personal injury attorneys to call expert witnesses to testify during these types of injury lawsuits in order to verify these impacts and the financial losses they represent. These expert witnesses can include the following:

Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Experts

The party who is at fault is obvious in many accidents, such as the driver who ran a red light or the property owner who let a hazardous situation remain, but there are also many accidents where the at-fault party or the cause of the accident may not be so obvious. In these cases, an attorney may utilize the services of a vehicle accident reconstruction expert to determine who was at fault for the incident.

Medical Experts

A personal injury attorney will use the medical records, documents, and statements from the victim’s own medical providers to prove the extent of the injuries the victim has suffered, however, medical experts are often called as witnesses in these cases. Medical expert witnesses can examine all the victim’s medical records and verify the injuries. As an impartial witness, they can also explain to the jury how these types of injuries affect individuals and the impact injuries can have on the victim’s future health and life.

Life Care Planner

When there are catastrophic injuries involved, the victim’s life as they knew it before the accident often does not exist anymore. They often require lifetime medical care and assistance in everyday activities. They cannot return to their former occupation or may not be able to work at all. In order to come up with a fair and accurate amount for damages, an attorney may use the services of a life care planner who will evaluate the extent of the victim’s injuries, the extent of the disability they are left with, and come up with a life care plan. The life care planner will determine what the current and future needs of the victim are and what the costs of those needs will be.

Vocational Experts

If the victim is unable to go back to their prior occupation or profession, lawyers may bring in a vocational expert to determine what type of work the victim may be able to do. They will look at the victim’s past work history, education and training. They will also look at what the physical limitations the victim now has are. They will then try to determine what, if any, occupations the victim may be able to do. If any difference exists between what the victim could have earned prior to the injury to what they are now able to earn, that difference can be included in the damages the victims is asking for in their claim or lawsuit.



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